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Warm congratulations on the company's electric furnace passed the UL certification in the United States

Time: 2016-11-20 16:57:00 Source: Nanjing Boyuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. The UL Safety Test Institute is the most authoritative in the United States, and it is also a large non-governmental organization engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. It is an independent, non-profit, professional agency that conducts tests for public safety. It uses scientific testing methods to study and determine the extent to which materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc. are hazardous and hazardous to life and property; determine, write, and issue corresponding standards and help reduce and prevent life Information on property loss, and conduct fact-finding business. For more than a century, UL has tested relevant safety standards for hundreds of products and components and evaluated its management systems in accordance with international standards.

In the US, UL is a symbol of safety signs for consumers. Globally, UL is one of the most trusted conformity assessment providers for manufacturers.
In order to better explore overseas markets, our company uses a group of technical personnel to use all UL-approved electrical appliances for our products, and controls UL leakage regulations such as leakage voltage and leakage current. index of! With the joint efforts of our company, in November 2014 we produced the first atmosphere furnace that passed the UL certification in the United States. Since then, our company can provide various types of electric furnaces that can pass UL certification!

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