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The company's TL1200 tube furnace was purchased by Yale University

Time: 2016-11-20 16:54:24 Source: Nanjing Bo Yuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

          凑、功能强大、物美价廉,深受国内外广大 客户的亲睐,本公司产品在国外通过CE认证,远销美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、挪威、印 度、英国等国家,在多个国家和地区具有销售公司,最近耶鲁大学和美国军方分别购买了我公司的TL1200管式炉和GF11Q-B不锈 钢内胆气氛箱式炉。 The company adheres to the concept of “Bozhong's talents and inclusiveness” and has absorbed the advanced technology of well-known foreign manufacturers and combined its own advantages. The products designed are beautiful in appearance, compact in structure , powerful in function, and cheap in price. The products of our company have passed CE certification abroad and are exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, India , the United Kingdom and other countries. We have sales companies in many countries and regions. Recently Yale University and the US military Purchased our company's TL1200 tube furnace and GF11Q-B stainless steel chamber atmosphere box furnace.

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