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How to use a high-temperature box-type electric furnace to fire pressed crystal tablets

Time: 2016-11-20 17:11:49 Source: Nanjing Bo Yuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

Skilled and safe operating procedures for high temperature box-type electric furnaces for pressing crystal tablets:
1. Check whether the silicon carbon rod is conducting well, the heat is uniform, the line is smooth and the ground is reliable. After the operation is completed, first close the switch, cut off the external power supply, and return the voltage regulator to the top of the list.
2. Strictly control the temperature of high-temperature electric furnace while working. When heating, the temperature should be raised slowly, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 1350 ℃. When adjusting the voltage, it should be from low to high, and the highest gear is in the fifth gear. The maximum power is not allowed to exceed 8 kilowatts.
3. Special person custody and protection. When a serious failure occurs during operation, it is necessary to check in time, and continue operation after repair. When the furnace temperature is higher than 400 ° C, it is not allowed to open the furnace door and pick and place the burned objects. It is prohibited to burn acids, alkalis, easily reducing substances and hydrogen, as well as wet materials and chlorine in the furnace. Thermocouple and high temperature instrument should be calibrated regularly. When any fault is found, it should be cleaned by a special person in time.
4. Silicon carbide rods installed in the furnace, the resistance value of each furnace should be similar, and the error should not exceed 20%; the silicic acid rods will age to a certain degree and cannot meet the heating requirements, they should be replaced in time. Should be near the resistance value of the original silicon carbon rod.
5. When the furnace is melting or collapsing and running temperature, it should be overhauled in time to replace the furnace lining; the furnace should be covered with alumina powder, and debris is often removed.

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