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Solution of Corundum Tube Fracture

Time: 2016-11-20 17:29:16 Source: Nanjing Bo Yuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

Use and maintenance of corundum tube

a. Corundum tube is a very important part of tube furnace. Because it is corundum material, it has poor ability to withstand rapid cooling and rapid heating, and its service life is very limited. In general, we recommend customers to maintain the temperature rise and fall rate. At 5 ℃ / Min, it is better to be slower. The cooling curve must be set during the cooling process. It cannot be allowed to naturally cool directly from high temperature to room temperature. This way, the tube is easy to burst. .

b. The new corundum tube or corundum that has not been used for a long time needs to be roasted at 300-400 degrees for 5-6 hours. The moisture in the corundum tube is roasted, which is conducive to extending the life of the corundum tube. Moisture is an important factor for corundum tube fracture. the reason.

c. Keep the inside of the furnace tube clean and hygienic, and there should be no substances that react with AL2O3 in the furnace tube. In order to make the furnace tube have a longer service life when burning the material, do not put the material directly on the furnace tube, and hold it in a boat crucible.

d. Be sure to put alumina furnace plugs in the furnace tube during heating. Put two on one side and a total of four. The innermost distance between the furnace plugs on both sides can be about 360mm. If the furnace plugs are not placed, the temperature at both ends of the furnace tube is high. The O-ring of Langley can't withstand higher temperature, which makes the air tightness is not good. Placing furnace plugs at both ends of the furnace tube is beneficial to form a balanced temperature field.

e. The flanges at both ends of the corundum tube need to be supported by a support frame, so that no vertical stress is applied to the corundum tube, and the corundum tube is not bent at high temperatures or broken due to stress.

f. Please do not put materials directly in the furnace tube to avoid contamination of the furnace tube. If the material to be burned is volatile material, different materials can be used for different tubes. The furnace tube of the furnace is easy to disassemble.

g. If you need to use the furnace continuously, you can only reduce the temperature of the furnace to about 200 ° C and keep it at normal temperature, which is beneficial to the service life of the furnace tube.

h. The temperature resistance of corundum tube is related to its purity. The higher the purity, the higher the temperature resistance, but the worse its ability to withstand rapid cooling and rapid heating.

I. The company's furnace adopts a unique design and is equipped with high-quality corundum tube, which has a long service life and superior performance.

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