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Atmosphere furnace hearth cleaning commonly used methods

Time: 2016-11-20 17:31:24 Source: Nanjing Bo Yuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

Atmosphere furnace hearth cleaning commonly used methods

Method 1: Vacuum pump pre-vacuum method:
1.Connect any air outlet to the vacuum hose;
2.Pre-evacuate the furnace cavity of the atmosphere furnace;
3.Inlet protective gas;
4.Pre-evacuate the furnace cavity again;
5. Circulate several times in this way to meet the atmosphere requirements in the furnace.

Method two: Protective gas replacement method:
1. The protective gas should generally be introduced into the furnace before the temperature of the atmosphere furnace is increased;
2. The protective gas can be accessed through the upper, lower, and last three furnace washing ports. The needle valve at the exhaust port should be opened to the maximum to facilitate the air in the furnace to be expelled as soon as possible;
3. In general, a protective gas with a volume of about 10 times the volume of the furnace can be introduced into the furnace, which can reduce the oxygen concentration in the furnace to about 10 ppm;
4. When the oxygen concentration in the furnace meets the requirements of the product process, the needle valve of the exhaust port can be closed to save protective gas, the furnace washing port is closed, and the air inlet is entered through the flow meter;
5. During the use of the atmosphere furnace, the positive pressure must be maintained in the furnace to prevent the outside air from entering the furnace;

The above are the common furnace cleaning methods for atmosphere furnaces. If you encounter any problems during use

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