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Atmospheric furnace through hydrogen operation process

Time: 2016-11-20 17:32:01 Source: Nanjing Bo Yuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

Atmosphere furnace operation process.

1. Check the air tightness of the furnace. After installing the flange, hold the pressure for 2 hours to see if the pressure gauge is deflected. If the air tightness is intact, go to the next step.

2. Use a vacuum pump to pre-evacuate the gas in the furnace:

(1) Connect the gas nozzle of the tube furnace with the vacuum hose.

(2) Pre-evacuate the furnace cavity and evacuate to -0.08MPa.

(3), and then pass in a protective gas (nitrogen or argon is preferred),

(4) Pre-evacuate the furnace cavity and evacuate to -0.08MPa

(5) Circulate several times in this way to meet the atmosphere requirements in the furnace.

3. After the hearth is cleaned, evacuate the furnace body, and then pour hydrogen gas into it. Because hydrogen gas is a dangerous gas, the content of which will explode with the air between 4% and 75%. Wash well, that is

Whether the hydrogen inside the furnace is pure.

The specific method is as follows: take a small test tube and collect a test tube of H2 or ammonia decomposition gas by the downward exhaust method, block the tube mouth with the thumb, approach the flame, release the thumb, and listen to the popping sound: sharp popping sound-impure , Slight popping --- pure.

4. After detecting the purity of hydrogen, let the hydrogen enter from the back and exit from the front. In order to prevent the hydrogen from accumulating too much in the furnace and make the pressure in the furnace too high to cause danger, the best way is to insert the gas outlet into a full In the mineral water bottle of water, the mineral water bottle should be placed outdoors, the gas outlet valve should be maximized, and the gas flow rate should be adjusted by the air inlet valve.

5. After the gas circulation is normal, heat the furnace.

6. Turn off the furnace before turning off the gas when shutting down, and then turn off the gas after the furnace has cooled down. So as not to cause danger.

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