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The operation of the tube furnace during the operation of the pressure reducing valve specifications

Time: 2018-01-09 14:34:41 Source: Nanjing Bo Yuntong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

  • The pressure in the furnace tube is maintained at 1 standard atmospheric pressure. This method can be used to ensure that the pressure in the furnace tube is within this range.
  • The gas cylinder must be equipped with a pressure reducing valve. It is recommended to purchase a pressure reducing valve with a range of 0-0.6MPa. It is not possible to choose a pressure reducing valve over a large range (for example, 0-2.5MPa), this pressure reducing valve is not accurate and easily blows the quartz tube.

  • It is more appropriate to open the pressure of the pressure reducing valve to 0-0.05MPa, and it cannot exceed 0.05MPa.
  • When the furnace temperature exceeds 1000 degrees, vacuum sintering in the furnace tube is not allowed. It is better to maintain a slightly positive pressure atmosphere to protect the sintering.
  • The long-term use temperature of the quartz tube is not recommended to exceed 1100 degrees.
  • If you are concerned about the excessive pressure or the release of gas from the burned material, you can choose our company's tube furnace explosion-proof system.
  • When the gas is vented, the outlet valve is adjusted to the maximum, and the gas flow is adjusted by adjusting the inlet valve or the flow meter.

8. The company does not recommend heating the furnace when closing the exhaust valve and inlet valve at the flange end of the furnace tube. If you need to close the gas valve at both ends to heat the sample (recommended to purchase our company's tube furnace explosion-proof system), you need to always Pay attention to the indication of the pressure gauge on the flange, and do not allow the pressure indication to be greater than 0.02 MPa. If the pressure indication is greater than 0.02 MPa, the valve must be opened immediately to release the pressure to prevent the furnace tube from bursting or accidentally occurring.

Drainage and anti-back suction method: Connect the pipe at the air outlet to the inlet pipe of the short tube of the conical bottle, connect the pipe outlet of the long tube of the conical bottle to the pipe, and then place it in a beaker filled with water. Outdoor (if it is toxic or dangerous gas), set the gas outlet valve to the maximum, and adjust the gas flow through the air inlet valve or flow meter, because the water in the beaker has a certain depth, the gas will come out, and the gas will be in the furnace. There must be a certain slight positive pressure inside. The depth of the water pipe insertion determines the pressure in the furnace tube. Since the air outlet valve is adjusted to the maximum, the pressure in the furnace will not be too high (because the air outlet valve is larger than the air inlet valve), exceeding the water. The pressure will come out. This method just achieves the effect of automatically adjusting the pressure balance in the furnace tube. You can observe whether the gas flows out and the speed of the gas through the bubbling of the beaker. Be sure to ensure that there is gas flowing out of the gas outlet, otherwise the water in the beaker will Back into the conical flask, this conical flask plays a role of anti-back suction, preventing water from directly entering the quartz tube.

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