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SP25 High Frequency Induction Crystal Growth Furnace (Crucible Drop Type)

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Output power


Maximum temperature

1800 ℃

Copper ring size

170mm (OD) X160mm (ID) X90mm (H)

High-purity graphite crucible size

58mm (OD) X48mm (ID) X94mm (H)

Quartz tube

150mm (OD) X143mm (ID) X450mm (H)

Operating Voltage

380VAC three-phase 50HZ

Oscillation frequency



With under water pressure, overheating, overpower protection

Stainless steel bracket

The stainless steel bracket is fixed vertically on the mobile shelf. The quartz tube and flange are fixed on the stainless steel bracket through the support plate, which is very strong and compact.

Lower vacuum flange

A vacuum cavity is welded on the lower stainless steel flange, and a furnace door is opened on the vacuum cavity. Materials can be taken from the furnace door, and the cavity is welded with KF25 connector, KF16 interface and inlet valve, and installed on the KF25 connector. There is a vacuum baffle valve, a 1 meter long bellows is connected to the valve and the vacuum pump, and the KF16 interface can be connected to a vacuum gauge

Upper vacuum flange

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The upper vacuum flange is equipped with a pressure gauge and an air outlet valve. The flange cover is equipped with two types. One has a glass observation window to observe the melting of the material in the tube. A thermocouple can program the temperature of the material.

Refractory device

The refractory device in the furnace tube is made of Mitsubishi 1900 type alumina fiber with a maximum temperature resistance of 1800 ° C. The shape of the insulation material is like a thermal insulation barrel. The top can be opened to hold graphite crucibles and materials. You can observe the melting of the material in the crucible or insert a thermocouple from this hole

Temperature control system and thermocouple

Adopt PID control, can programmatic temperature control heating of the material, can manually adjust the current output size at the same time, the device has over temperature protection

Temperature control accuracy

+/- 5 ℃

Protective glass

Tempered glass and aluminum profiles with fixed tempered glass are installed around the furnace tube, which can protect the safety of users.

Vacuum pump

Pumping rate

40L / S

Ultimate vacuum


Crucible lifting platform

The material can be lifted to the heating area through the automatic lifting platform, and can be taken out from the furnace door after being lowered.

1.Lifting platform travel 300mm

2.Lifting platform lifting speed: 0.1um-2.5um / s

3. Lifting platform lifting speed: 0.1um-2000um / s (2 clicks for fast and slow installation) (optional)

Resistance vacuum gauge





Vacuum measurement range

0.1-10 5 Pa

Resistive Silicon


Water cooler (optional)

temperature range

5-30 ℃

Water velocity

16L / m

Water tank capacity




1 year, except consumables

采用50段程序控温系统,PID调节,温度可控, 膛采用进口氧化铝多晶纤维材料,具有升降温度速率快、方便、简洁等优点,是高校、科研院所、工矿企业做高温熔炼、铸造用的理想产品.。 This high-frequency induction crystal growth furnace uses high-frequency induction heating, adopts a 50-segment program temperature control system, PID adjustment, and temperature control. Advantages, it is an ideal product for universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises for high temperature melting and casting.


Software control system (optional): The furnace is equipped with a communication interface and software, which can directly control various parameters of the furnace through a computer, and can observe the PV and SV temperature values on the furnace and the operation of the instrument from the computer. The heating curve computer will draw in real time, and can save the temperature data at each moment, and can be called up at any time.

Sealing system: The furnace tube and flange are sealed with a silicone O-ring for easy removal, repeated removal, good air tightness, and can ensure that the pointer of the pressure gauge does not deflect for 12 hours.

Vacuum system: The furnace is equipped with a VRD-8 vacuum pump. If a higher vacuum is required, a molecular pump can be selected, and a smoke filter and an oil filter can be selected.

Furnace material: The furnace material imported from Japan is used. It does not drop powder, the material has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity, balanced temperature field, and strong resistance to thermal expansion and contraction.

Leakage protection function: The furnace is equipped with a leakage air switch. When the furnace body leaks electricity, it automatically cuts off power to ensure the safety of use.

Gas supply system (optional): The customer can control the flow rate of the gas through the float flowmeter or proton flowmeter (please see the option for details).

Flange: Double-ring sealing technology is used to effectively improve the atmosphere of the flange. The flange is equipped with a variety of joints, which can be connected to resistance vacuum gauges and KF25 bellows and can be easily hinged .

Water cooling system: The furnace is equipped with a chiller, which can effectively provide cooling water to the induction coil. The water cooling system has functions such as automatic temperature control and over-temperature protection.

High-frequency induction heating furnace: It adopts IGBT power module and variable current control technology, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain. It has under water pressure and over temperature protection.

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