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Resistance and ionization vacuum gauge

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◆ Technical parameters:

* Regulatory model: resistance gauge ZJ-52T / ionization gauge ZJ-27
* Measuring range: continuous measurement (automatic mode) 1 × 10 5 ~ 1 × 10 -5 Pa
Independent measurement (manual mode) resistance unit 1 × 10 5 ~ 1 × 10 -1 Pa; ionization unit 5 ~ 1 × 10 -5 Pa
* Number of measurement channels: 1 low 1 high
* Control range:
Resistance unit 2.5 × 10 3 ~ 1 × 10 0 Pa
Ionization unit 1 × 10 0 ~ 1 × 10 -4 Pa
* Number of control channels: 4 channels can be expanded to 4 or 8 channels
* Control accuracy: ± 1%
* Control method: relay contact output, load capacity AC220V / 3A (or DC28V / 3A) non-inductive load
* Degassing method: Joule degassing
* Instrument sampling time: 1S
* Power: 90-260V / 50Hz or 220V ± 10% 50Hz
* Power consumption: 55W
* Weight: 6Kg / 5Kg / 4Kg (depending on case size)
* Case size: 240 × 88 × 280 or 480 × 88 × 280
265 × 119 × 280 or 480 × 119 × 280 (W × H × D)


ZDF-Ⅲ series resistance / ionization composite vacuum gauge is based on the combination of low vacuum measurement resistance unit (ZJ-52T resistance gauge) and high vacuum measurement ionization unit (ZJ-27 ionization gauge) technology to complete 1 × 105 ~ 1 × 10 -5Pa continuous measurement and control. Therefore, this vacuum gauge series has all the technical parameters and performance characteristics of resistance vacuum gauge and ionization vacuum gauge; meanwhile, it adds new functions. The vacuum gauge series has two working modes: manual mode and automatic mode. When working in manual mode, it is equivalent to an independent resistance vacuum gauge and ionization vacuum gauge. When working in automatic mode, the resistance unit first enters the measurement. When the resistance unit's measurement vacuum is higher than the vacuum that can be turned on by the ionization gauge, the ionization gauge filament is automatically Light up (turn on) and enter the high vacuum measurement, and realize automatic continuous measurement from atmospheric pressure (normal pressure) to high vacuum. The function of opening and closing the ionization gauge of the peripheral device (PLC) has also been added to achieve the optimal operation of the ionization gauge in the vacuum environment and maximize the working life of the ionization gauge. Some models use switching power supply and switching DC power supply to drive the stable ionization gauge filament transmitting circuit, which realizes a highly integrated non-frequency transformer design, realizes the cold start warm-up of the ionization gauge filament, and overcomes the ionization gauge filament. The cold start overshoot phenomenon prolongs the regulatory life, achieves a wide range of AC power adaptability (AC / 90V ~ 260V), and achieves a wide cable line length adaptive ability (3-30 meters). Is the most novel ionization gauge filament drive stabilization technology. In order to adapt to the vacuum equipment automation technology, it integrates powerful relay contact control, serial communication, vacuum analog and other extended functions. It is especially suitable for vacuum application equipment. The ultimate vacuum is on the order of 10-3-10-4Pa, and the working vacuum is on the order of 10-210-3Pa. From atmospheric pressure (normal pressure) to high vacuum measurement and control.

◆ Performance characteristics:
* LED green screen digital display
* Wide measuring range

* Fast response speed

* Microprocessor corrects regulatory non-linearities and reduces measurement errors
* Precision vacuum signal amplifying circuit, stable zero and full degree

* Broad stable emission loop, adaptively adjust the stable ionization gauge emission current

* Full range automatic switching without manual shifting
* Over-range automatic protection, will not damage the regulations due to the system's sudden exposure to the atmosphere.
* Photoelectric isolation, digital filtering, excellent anti-interference ability, stable and reliable vacuum measurement
* Functional, modular structure design
* Point control or area control, control the upper and lower limit interval arbitrarily set
* Control point power failure (power failure) protection, memory function.
* Simplified function keys, the operation is very simple, and the regulations or instruments will not be damaged due to operation errors.

* PVC color panel, beautiful appearance

1. Effective measurement range of resistance unit: 3 × 10 3 to 5 × 10 -1 Pa 1 × 10 5 to 3 × 10 3 Pa and 5 × 10 -1 to 1 × 10 -1 Pa The measurement values are for reference only.
2. The measurement value of the resistance unit (the value calibrated with dry air or nitrogen) is related to the gas composition. If you need to measure the vacuum of a special gas, you should choose another corresponding type of vacuum gauge.

3. Two units of the vacuum gauge can measure and display four channels (two low vacuum and two high vacuum) at the same time in one case.

◆ Optional extended functions and options:
* Optional function: 0 ~ 5 / 10V / 10mV, 0/4 ~ 10 / 20mA and other vacuum degree analog output
* Optional function: RS232, RS485 and other unidirectional or bidirectional interface output
* Optional function: printer and interface
* Regulatory interface options: 15.5 outside diameter glass gauge; 15.5 outside diameter metal straight pipe DN16 / 25 / 35CF; DN10 / 16/25 / 40KF; NPT; VCR; G pipe thread and other interfaces
* Cable length option: 3m / 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m / 25m / 30m ... up to 100m

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