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Introduction of electric heating roller kiln



1 Overview

1.1 Equipment use: High temperature sintering of lithium battery cathode materials, rare earth materials, magnetic materials and other inorganic materials.

1.2 Scope of application: heating in air, no strong corrosive gas is generated during the heating process.

1.3. Loading method: The powder is packed in a box bowl, and the box bowls are arranged in double rows or double rows in the kiln.

1.4 Thermal Technology: Set the electric furnace temperature zone according to the user's needs, and the temperature of each temperature zone can be adjusted within a certain range.

1.5. Energy-saving effect: Adopting mullite polymerization light furnace, and using refractory fiber to keep heat, it can save energy about 20% compared with similar products.


2.Typical product parameters



Technical Parameters

GD-200-11型 R GD-200-11

21.6m electric heating roller kiln

GD-300-11型 R GD-300-11

31.2m electric heating roller kiln

GD-320-11型 R GD-320-11

33.6m electric heating roller kiln

Rated temperature

0 110 0

0 110 0

0 110 0

Operating temperature

0 100 0

0 100 0

0 100 0

rated power

200 KW

300 KW

320 KW

Operating power

~ 100 KW

~ 150 KW

~ 160 KW

Power supply

3 phase -380V

3 phase -380V

3 phase -380V

Heating element

Resistance wire heating tube

Resistance wire heating tube

Resistance wire heating tube

(L) Hearth length (L)

21600 mm

31200 mm

33600 mm

(W×H) Working section (W × H)

mm 720 × 160 mm

mm 720 × 160 mm

mm 1060 × 100 mm

Number of temperature zones

13 districts

District 20

Area 21

众多产品规格未在上表中列出,炉膛尺寸、使用温度、温区数量等可按用户要求定制。 Note: Many product specifications are not listed in the table above. Furnace size, operating temperature, number of temperature zones, etc. can be customized according to user requirements.


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