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GF12Q hydrogen atmosphere furnace

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Detailed technical parameters









Hearth size (mm)




Overall dimensions (mm)


700X 700X880







Three phase

Heating element

  (电阻丝可承诺保修2年),需要电阻丝的详细技术参数请点击进入 Resistance wire Sweden Kanthal A1 (resistance wire can be guaranteed for 2 years). For detailed technical parameters of resistance wire, please click to enter

control method

Use Yudian program temperature control instrument (standard)

1. 30-segment program temperature control intelligent PID adjustment.

2. With over-temperature protection and cut-off protection, the electric furnace heating circuit is automatically cut off when the temperature is over-temperature or broken.

The AC relay on the main circuit will be automatically disconnected, the main circuit is disconnected, the ON light on the panel is off, the OFF light is on, and the electric furnace is limitedly protected.

3. With 485 communication interface (standard with optional software)

4. It has a power failure protection function, that is, when the furnace is powered on after the power is turned off, the program does not start from the initial temperature, but starts from the furnace temperature when the power is turned off.

5.The meter has the function of temperature self-tuning

(Replacement of imported instruments requires additional payment, purchase)


FP93 temperature control instrument European instrument touch screen instrument

(Japan Island Electric)

Furnace material

1. High-quality high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber curing furnace formed by vacuum suction filtration.

2. Molded by Japanese technology.

3.The spacing and pitch of the resistance wires in the furnace are all arranged according to the best thermal technology in Japan, and the temperature field is simulated by thermal software.

control precision

+/- 1 ℃


Phase shift trigger

Electrical appliances



106 / 16E Simmonk, Germany

Maximum temperature

1200 ℃

Rated temperature

1100 ℃

Heating rate

≤20 ℃ / Min (can be modified according to requirements)

Recommended heating rate

≤15 ℃ / Min

Thermocouple model

K type

Vacuum pump (optional)

VRD-16 2XZ-2


Ambient surface temperature

≤45 ℃

Cover opening protection system The furnace is equipped with a travel switch. When the furnace cover is opened, the relay will automatically cut off the main power, effectively ensuring the safety of the user.

气氛炉 瑞典康泰尔电阻丝 为加热元件,采用双层壳体结构和30段程序控温系统,移相触发、可控硅控制,炉膛采用氧化铝多晶体纤维材料,双层炉壳间配有风冷系统,能快速升降温,采用外壳整体密封、盖板密封采用硅胶泥、炉门采用硅胶垫并通有水冷系统,气体经过流量计后由后膛进出,有多处洗炉膛进气口、出气口处有燃烧嘴,可以预抽真空并能通氢气、氩气、氮气、氧气、一氧化碳、氨分解气等气体,该炉具有温场均衡、表面温度低、升降温度速率快、节能等优点,是高校、科研院所、工矿企业做气氛保护烧结、气氛还原用的理想产品。 This box-type atmosphere furnace uses Swedish Kangtaier resistance wire as heating element, adopts double-layer shell structure and 30-segment program temperature control system, phase-shift triggering, thyristor control, furnace uses alumina polycrystalline fiber material, double-layer The furnace shell is equipped with an air-cooling system, which can quickly rise and fall temperature. The shell is integrally sealed, the cover is sealed with silicone mud, the furnace door is equipped with a silicone pad and a water cooling system is passed. There are burners at the inlet and outlet of the furnace, which can be pre-evacuated and can pass hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, ammonia decomposition gas and other gases. The furnace has a balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, and rising and falling temperatures. Fast speed, energy saving and other advantages, it is an ideal product for atmosphere protection sintering and atmosphere reduction in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises.

1.Swedish Kanthal A1 resistance wire

Kanthal A1 raw silk domestic resistance wire hearth VS imported resistance wire hearth

(1), the surface temperature can reach 1420

(2) The surface is stainless steel (very bright, pay attention when customers identify it), will not rust, and will not drop slag even if it is used for a long time.

(3), Kanthal resistance wire data download

(4) Kanthal resistance wire website: www.kanthal.com

(5), resistance balance, temperature field balance is good

Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo resistance wire produced by Shougang used by most manufacturers Kanthal A1 resistance wire has uniform resistance and balanced heat generation

Sometimes the resistance is unbalanced, part of the heat is large and part of the heat is small.

2. Installed air switch and leakage protector:

When the circuit is over-current or leakage, the meeting will be disconnected automatically.

3.Can connect with computer

The furnace is equipped with a communication interface and software, which can directly control various parameters of the furnace through a computer, and can observe the PV and SV temperature values on the furnace and the operation of the instrument from the computer. The actual heating curve of the furnace will be drawn by the computer in real time And can save the temperature data at each moment, you can call up at any time


1. High-quality high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber curing furnace formed by vacuum suction filtration.

2. Molded by Japanese technology.

3.The spacing and pitch of the resistance wires in the furnace are all arranged according to the best thermal technology in Japan, and the temperature field is simulated by thermal software.

4. 4-sided heating (left, right, up, down, four sides), the temperature field is more balanced

5. Optional UL certified electrical board (all imported electrical appliances that passed UL certification)

6, certification


Sealing system: The furnace top cover and the furnace door (already welded elsewhere) are extruded and sealed with silicone O-rings, easy to remove, repeatable removal, good air tightness, which can ensure that the pointer of the pressure gauge does not deflect for 8 hours. .

Vacuum system: pre-evacuation of the atmosphere box furnace can be used to accelerate the cleaning of the air in the furnace.

Gas supply system: The furnace is equipped with a float flow meter. Customers can control the flow rate of the gas through a float flow meter or a proton flow meter.

Air outlet valve: The air outlet valve is a one-way valve, and the gas can only flow out but not back.

(Optional) Explosion-proof system: Explosion-proof system is composed of solenoid valve, microcomputer, pressure display and transmitter, 24V power supply, AC contactor, etc. The pressure in the furnace is converted into an electric signal and transmitted to the microcomputer through the pressure display and the transmitter. The microcomputer compares with the set value and then gives a signal to control the AC contactor to control the on-off of the solenoid valve. When the pressure in the furnace is greater than the allowable pressure we set, the solenoid valve opens immediately to play an explosion-proof role. We have installed a gas outlet pipe on the solenoid valve, and the user can connect the pipe to exhaust the gas to the outside, and the explosion-proof valve is one-way The valve can only exhaust and cannot return, which effectively ensures the safety of the furnace.

This explosion-proof system has many advantages:

(1) Reusability: The solenoid valve opens when the pressure is higher than the set value, and closes when the pressure is lower than the set value. Unlike a mechanical riot device, it cannot be used once it is burst.

(2) Adjustable set value: The user can adjust the opening pressure of the solenoid valve through a microcomputer as required

(3) Explosion-proof point is very sensitive: due to the use of microcomputers and electrical signals, the explosion will start as soon as the pressure reaches the explosion-proof point.

(4) Safety of explosion-proof system: no fragments fly out during explosion. (If the mechanical method is used, glass sheets may fly out)

(5) The stability of the explosion-proof system is good: due to the use of a microcomputer and a solenoid valve, it will definitely explode to our set point, and the user can test, unlike the mechanical type, which cannot be tested, there are a lot of problems Certainty.


(Optional) Under pressure alarm system: When the pressure in the furnace is lower than a standard atmospheric pressure (this pressure value can be adjusted), the electric furnace will automatically alarm, indicating that the intake air flow is insufficient, and can decide whether to cut off the heating circuit power according to customer needs .


(Optional) Gas supply system: The furnace can be equipped with 2 or 3 float flowmeters. The flow rate of the gas can be controlled by the float flowmeter. There is a stainless steel valve at each air inlet. You can choose one or more of them. The gas is adjusted. After passing through the flowmeter, the gas enters the mixing tank, and then enters the furnace separately in 3 ways, so that the gas can be evenly flowed into the furnace.


(Optional) Vacuum system: Pre-evacuation of the atmosphere box furnace can be performed to accelerate the cleaning of the air in the furnace.


(Optional) Combustion device: The furnace can be equipped with a hydrogen burner to burn the gas discharged from the furnace.


(Optional) Water cooling system: The furnace is equipped with a water cooler, which can automatically cool the doorway of the road.

Standard accessories




GF17Q atmosphere furnace

1 set

Type B thermocouple


Alumina mat


Furnace door brick


Stainless steel crucible pliers


High temperature gloves

1 pay

Alumina crucible


COM to 485 communication interface (optional)

1 set

Submersible pump

1 set

Stove manual

1 serving


Software (optional)

1 serving


Island Meter Manual

1 serving





Gas supply system

Proton flow meter gas supply system

Float meter air supply system

Extraction system

Vacuum pump




Pfeiffer Molecular Pumps

Resistance vacuum gauge

Resistance vacuum gauge

Composite vacuum gauge




Vacuum baffle valve



KF card holder



KF Tee


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